Welcome to Tooth Decay!

Tooth Decay offers you all the sweetness you need without the cavities!



Tooth Decay is a Canadian based jewelry and accessory business that specializes in hypoallergenic kawaii earrings and adjustable rings for larger sizes. We aim to bring cuteness to everyone regardless of size and sensitivity.

It all started with Natalie (@silverteecup). She developed a nickel allergy in her teens that prevented her from wearing earrings for more than a few hours for social events. When she joined lolita fashion, she also saw that there was a need for comfortable adjustable rings for plus size fingers. That was when the idea for Tooth Decay Accessories was born. She did some research, bought materials and started selling at local j-fashion swap meets. Through trial and error she worked her way up to conventions and selling on Instagram.


But now the time has come to begin the next chapter which is starting a website!

Yes, we will still do conventions/markets but Tooth Decay needed a place to call home. A place where you can come by any time you'd like with no expectations, judgement or guilt if you just want to window shop. A place where you can watch us grow and benefit from the blessings we will share with you!

We hope that you can continue with us on this journey!!